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Task Based Desktop

All my interactions with non-technical users point towards the same thing, and quite boldly – task based desktop. Most of them are not worried about the application being used nor about what is involved in invoking it. In fact, I know some people who consider it to be a lot of effort to not only start an application, but even to remember doing so. [Continue]

A Different View Of The Web Standards

Molly Holzschlag has been known to hold a different view of standards in the community. She makes it clear in her interview. She says Web Standards are more of recommendations and specifications than enforced standards, and it is quite refreshing to read this amidst the continuous tussle between businesses, developers and people. [Continue]

Tell Drupal What You Want

Drupal is on the CMSs I like, and one that works across a range of scales and purposes. Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal is inviting you to tell what you want from it through a survey, whose results will be made public. Drupal has been already hailed as a ready-for-enterprise open source CMS. [Continue]

Not Always Simplicity

Don Norman has an interesting article saying simplicity is not the answer. Quite true, especially because nowadays simplicity is getting dangerously trendy. I believe the right balance of functionality and simplicity also depends on the user’s profile and needs. [Continue]

Depth Of Automation

One of the topic that interests me is the depth of automation that a software does for our tasks. As a trivial example, a modern word processor automatically finds the spelling mistakes in a document, and can also replace some of them automatically. The automation has gone a level deeper to not only let us write documents but to correct our mistakes. [Continue]

OOXML Appeals Rejected

ISO and IEC have give the go ahead for OOXML to be published as a standard, refered to as ISO/IEC DIS 29500. There were some appeals against OOXML, however they have been rejected by the standards bodies. Andy Updegrove has the voting results and their intepretation. [Continue]

The Only Way To Not Copy Windows Is Educate

Bob Sutor, VP of open source and standards at IBM, has advice for Linux developers – do not copy Windows. True, I fully agree with him, Linux can be better than Windows only by being different. However, it is a tricky situation for people who want to lead people to migrate to Linux. [Continue]

Free Magazines via TradePub

The good people at RevResponse.com got in touch with me to offer free magazine subscriptions for you, the readers. There is a widget in the sidebar called “Free Technical Resource Center” that will lead you there. You can subscribe to some good software development magazines and journals for free. [Continue]



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