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Mozilla Labs is getting creative, and calling for contributions from you, and me, and he, and she, anyone and everyone for future directions of the Web.

It is good that Mozilla wants to pay attention to us, but I think it is going to be difficult for the common man to even understand what Mozilla is expecting out of this, and what should we expect out of this. This query seems to be about interacting with the Web instead of the Web itself.

I think that Firefox is a great browser, though at times, browsing itself seems to take the back seat. As a user I would like to see:

  • I have observed that the majority of my work with the browser is either about tasks I am supposed to do or communcation with the contacts and acquaintances. It will be great if my actions can be recored in this context.
  • I get a feeling that a lot of times the browser is pitched against rest of the desktop applications. I think it will be better if we find out a way of making the browser communicate with them instead of replacing them.
  • Better participation from browsers into the web identity and authentication systems cropping up, and better integration with them.
  • Make the history more usable. In stead of a stack of URLs, perhaps history can be about the information pieces they carried.
  • Try to make the Web platform agnostic, and I believe standards compliance is the way to it.

This is hardly a concept, perhaps a list of features you will mock at. However, I sincerely feel that we still have not reached a level where we are truly making the Web what it can be – an efficient tool to break information asymmetry and enable communication with each and everyone.

How do you want to use the Web?

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