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What should RIA learn from Web applications? Chui has some interesting points. The idea of bookmarkable applications might be pointing towards resources, or at least a part of it.

One of the things I would add to it is availability on all platforms. On the Web it happens through HTML and related technologies. For RIAs it can happen only through the run-time engines. It is a lot easier for other desktop applications today because of availability of wide array of cross-platform toolkits. Unfortunately today’s RIA vendors have still not woken up to this.

Another wish? Better communication between desktop applications. And I think the desktop can play a bigger role in that.

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  1. Matthew Quinlan said:

    Lots of RIAs are built on OpenWeb standards that allow them to function without any runtime players. RIA does not equal plugins.

    Matthew Quinlan

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Matthew, I agree. I have committed the mistake of generalizing a lot. However, it was more from the experience as a user, where most of the RIAs are based on third-party plugins, including the desktop engines like AIR. Thanks for bringing it up.

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