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Will CMIS Strike?

The content management world got proposal for a new standard, CMIS, backed by the three giants in this domain. The introduction reminded me something of the Java world, that was supposed to take the content management world by storm. It has progressed to the next version, but it has not become exactly popular. [Continue]


This blog was down for a while, in fact, quite a lot of while – about 8 hours or so. The hosting company had suspended the account citing the reason of poor performance. So I have done some changes in the theme code, disabled a couple of plugins and optimized the DB tables. [Continue]

Recursion By Storytelling

One of the challenges of teaching is to introduce concepts without the use of jargon. This explanation of recursion excels at that. Use of jargon ends up introducing much more than the concept, and then you end up explaining something else, and then something else that comes across there and then… Yes, it gets kind of recursive!

Why Is Affordable Java Hosting Not As Common

A friend, who was recently exposed to Web development, was wondering why Java hosting was not as popular as it was for other Web technologies. It was a lot easier to find hosting, right from cheap shared space to dedicated machines, for other languages like PHP and Python. Why not for Java? [Continue]

Know The Cons

When do you think you know a tool enough? With the current rate of revisions, it might never happen, but what is the stage when you feel comfortable with a new tool? I like working with new tools, especially because I think I should use the tool suitable for the need, not for me. [Continue]



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