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10 Principles of PHP is a very interesting read. More so because it has contradicting points. It shows that the principles are trying to address a wide range of issues. In fact some of them might apply for other languages as well.

Should we use frameworks? I like minimalistic frameworks. They walk on the thin line separating frameworks and libraries. If you do not like the existing ones, and if you are doing something more than saying Hello World, write your own. That is how our design elements have been evolving.

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  1. PHP Developer said:

    I do not like frame works. I agree with you. Create your own infrastructure. Then you know how it works and it also works like you do.

  2. PHP Programming India said:

    Nice information you are sharing. Thanks for good work!

    Raj Malhotra
    PHP Programming India

  3. PHP Programmer said:

    Thank you for sharing!! 😀 I agree with ‘PHP Developer’ if you build it yourself it will be much easier to write custom code later on plus easier to troubleshoot problems as a PHP Programmer.

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