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Arguments For Python’s self

Bruce Eckel has perfectly articulated the rant against Python’s self parameter. The response to arguments about self in Python is “explicit is better than implicit.” In a discussion at Pycon Brazil, I realized that we do need self in the body of a method, but being forced to place it in the argument list is redundant. I’m not actually expecting it to change, but I want to try to establish that this isn’t a dumb argument. [Continue]

Updated Feed URL and Feed Ads

The all-articles feed for this blog has been updated. My FeedBurner feed has been migrated to the Google’s own version and hence this feed has a new name now – http://feedproxy.google.com/ifacethoughts/entries. I am going to experiment with adsense for feeds. [Continue]

Use HSS To Use Variables In CSS

Nicolas Cannasse has gone ahead and added variables to CSS. There have been efforts earlier to improve CSS, like CleverCSS and Sass. However, by adding variables Nicolas has perhaps lightened the argument of non-semantic CSS names in CSS frameworks. [Continue]

Think Solution, Not Software Solutions

The more I think about ROI of software, the more I believe that software is being given undue importance. It sure is an important piece of the puzzle, but it should not overshadow other pieces like process, people, and more importantly, it should not overshadow the solution itself. We end up talking about the software so much that there is no bandwidth and budget left to make use of it properly. [Continue]

Dealing With Boredom At Work

One of my juniors, working as a software programmer, recently asked me a way to make his work interesting. He was working on 5th or 6th project with the same tools, with similar needs and wanted to escape the monotone. Sometimes he just waited for the management to finalize the deal, doing nothing more than checking his/her emails. [Continue]



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