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Searching The Meta-Content

While thinking of search strategies for a web application, I realized that a lot of queries can be handled by searching the meta-content instead of the content itself. By meta-content, I mean content about content, e.g., classification, tags, title, intro or authors of an article. Especially in the case I was looking at the meta-content was rich enough to accurately answer a lot of search queries. [Continue]

Another Reason To Not Work For A Big Company?

The cost of being Microsoft perhaps leads us to another reason why we should not work at a big company. I recently read Tom Peters’ The Circle of Innovation, and I am indebted to Manoj for lending it to me. The book introduces radical concepts; rather, re-introduces them, since we already know most of them and have experienced it many other phases of our life. [Continue]

Pink For October

In an attempt to support the Breast Cancer awareness month, this blog is going pink for October, like the last year. Many of you might feel that the decoration does not help. However, if a bunch of us do it together, it will definitely draw attention to the matter.

FOSS Can Speed Digitization

The Indian Linux Users Group made a presentation on how FOSS can be effective in implementing GIS in India. I remember this client who took about 3-4 months to acquire a piece of software that would have proved a lot more beneficial at an earlier stage. The delay was attributed to debates about number of licenses, reading through the legal paper work and then making negotiations to do the deal. [Continue]



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