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Is Web The Default Development Platform?

Joe Walker says Web is the default development platform today. It sure has gained a lot of popularity and attention from everyone in the software world. However, I wonder how much of it has genuine reasons and how much of it is because of the hype surrounding it. [Continue]

Beating City Traffic

I am happy to know that Infosys is taking initiative to encourage their employees to beat the traffic. The system of financial rewards is a good incentive. However, I wonder if companies will be willing to let their employees work from home whenever possible. [Continue]

We Need Firefox Inside!

How do I convince these sites that I do use Firefox? It gets called something else because of some stupid reasons, but it is really Firefox and nothing else. Every time I visit hotmail or orkut or some site which thinks that it is doing something so special that it needs to warn users about their browsers, these messages that make a mockery of my setup. [Continue]

On Failures Of Agile Projects

The proponents of the agile methodologies wanted to change the way software development was done. I think that changes have happened, but unfortunately most of them are superficial ones, leading to failures and more notoreity for the underlying philosophy. Scott Nelson explains how some aspects of agile methodologies can be wrongly used. [Continue]

Bash Editing In vi Mode

I was discussing about how some applications have adopted some of the vi key bindings. Like Google Reader, some tiling window managers like xmonad, and even bash has excellent support for editing in vi mode. Surprisingly not many know about this. [Continue]



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