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On Misusing ORMs

Object-Relational Mapping tools are the must-have features of rapid application development today. They provide an interface to the programmer to write the DB schema and query it using a programming language that he/she knows. They are the adapters in between the programming style and the declarative style of SQL. [Continue]

PHP Backspaces

So, PHP gets namespaces, and a namespace separator, and a lot of complaints with it. Is \ (rfc) a good choice as a namespace separator? I can’t say, but it sure is not what I expected for a namespace separator. [Continue]

Open Source – Of Geeks, By Geeks And For Geeks

JP has valuable insight on why open source is not adopted, based on both personal and academic observations. I remembered an old conversation with a friend, who said “Open source is Government of geeks, by geeks, for geeks!” Open source is geekland, and professionals are not invited! Now I think it is quite understandable why anyone with this perception will want to avoid open source at all costs. [Continue]



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