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Using WordPress Pages Differently

While building a web site, it is sometimes important to manage content pieces separately and independent of each other. Imagine a corporate site with a homepage that has briefs on its various offerings, and a brief about itself. Each of these briefs are managed independently, and the homepage is composed by integrating them together. [Continue]

Why Is hAtom Not Popular?

Microformats give us a nice way of using special markup for special content. This makes it easier for us to reuse the web page to mine for that specific data. hAtom is one such microformat, which unfortunately implies that it gets ignored by the enterprisey and corporate culture, and it gets adopted and experimented in the open source one-man world. [Continue]

PHP’s Alternative Syntax

PHP stands out because it is one of the first languages built for Web. No wonder it offers an alternative syntax that is more usable as a template language instead of a programming language. They help us avoid the block-kind code and have single-line PHP code. [Continue]

Oxite – Microsoft’s CMS Platform

Microsoft has released Oxite – an open source, standards compliant and highly extensible content management platform (via Amit). Also, Oxite is being marketed as a blogging engine. However, the language used seems to put it more as a CMS platform targeted towards developers than a blogging engine for the end users. [Continue]

Content Management Requirements Are Important

Many developers in the CMS domain do not realize that CMS is primarily for those who manage the content. The web site visitors/readers/users benefit from what the content managers can do with the CMS. In short, as a CMS developer, the web site visitors/readers/users are clients of your client, who manages the content. [Continue]



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