Content Management Requirements Are Important

Many developers in the CMS domain do not realize that CMS is primarily for those who manage the content. The web site visitors/readers/users benefit from what the content managers can do with the CMS. In short, as a CMS developer, the web site visitors/readers/users are clients of your client, who manages the content. And this teaches a couple of things to us:

  • Give equal priority to content management requirements as the rest. Do not ignore them because they are for admins. Admins and other management staff are primary users for CMS.
  • The art of using CMS or any other Web tool is to remove every shred of its presence from the output. In the end the output should talk the language that browsers, search engines and other user agents can talk, irrespective of which CMS or tool has been used.

Next time you start on a CMS, try to evaluate it from the content management requirements as well.

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