Are Code Generators Useful?

One of my friends asked me what I thought of code generators. So here it is. I have tried code generators, but realized that they did little to improve the software development. One of the primary reasons is that I see programming as walking the fine line of balancing the functionality, performance, security, flexibility and code readability. Each of these factors weigh differently for different projects, and it is extremely difficult to account for their variations and their impact in code generators.

Another benefit of code generators is their ability to generate code in various languages for the same design. Unfortunately, this is not useful in most projects. Languages, usually don’t change, and even if they do, it is usually a task of more than just porting the application.

Overall, I have not found them useful. In fact, I got frustrated on a couple of occasions while using them. If I ever use a code generator, it will be project specific, or if I end up write one.

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  1. Tyler MacLeod said:

    Completely agreed.

    The only code I want generator I want is the assembly (or IL) that my code is compiled into.

  2. SmartofStupid said:

    Which ones have you used, and was it by choice or something you used as part of some sort of system.

    Are there some likely ones that companies might force their employees to use?

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