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Customizing vim For Dojo

Matthew Russell has extended vim to make it easier work with Dojo (Dion Almaer). vim is an extremely flexible editor and this is a good example of how you can extend and customize it for your purpose. I use vim for almost all my tasks, including my personal wiki and task management. [Continue]


Nokia will make Qt available under GNU’s LGPL. Qt is a cross-platform toolkit, which has powered various applications on the desktop and mobile. The LGPL will encourage its adoption especially in the mobile world. [Continue]

Excuses For Unblogging

I guess I have finally found a word for what I did with this blog for last month or so – unblogging! For various reasons I could not be near an Internet connection. That and some personal reasons kept me from being active on this blog. [Continue]

Making Mistakes

A junior asked me about what I have gained after about a decade of experience in the software development. I tried to sound cool and talked about methodologies, philosophies, tools, and what not. A perfect recipe for a boring and useless lecture, which I am sure was of no use to him. [Continue]

Python’s History, As A Blog

Python is 19 years old, and Guido van Rossum, its creator, is publishing bits and pieces from the history of Python. And he is doing it as a blog. The best part of learning a programming language is understanding the philosophy and rationale behind its design. [Continue]

New Year, New Setup

A Very Happy New Year to you! And an exciting start for me, as I have given up my XFCE setup. XFCE is still the best desktop environment, but I want to move away from the idea of desktop environment to try out some things. [Continue]



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