Ecofont – A Font With Holes

I would have never thought font with holes would save ink. Kudos to the Spranq team for coming up with the idea and also for not rejecting it without giving it a try. Of course there will be doubts about its readability and suitability for printers, and whether the saving is worth the change. But you can give it a try, ecofont is free to download and free to use Considering the size of specs and code we create, this might save us a ton.

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  1. Luis said:

    Thanks, I’m writing about this as soon as possible. I thing everyone should know about saving ink, especially on this economy. Great post, thanks again.

  2. ecofont saves you more than ink | LwEEs.com said:

    […] stumble upon (not really, I don’t like that service) a post on ifacethoughts.net about ecofont, it grabbed my attention so I downloaded it immediately to test it. To my surprise, […]

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