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Agile Development A Culture, If You Believe

Jeff Patton says that agile development is more of a culture than a process. It is quite refreshing to read constructive a constructive discussion on the topic, though it did put pressure on me to really understand what culture meant, and it can have several meanings. I think agile can be agile because it asks you to follow a set of principles without being restrictive about how we do that. [Continue]

Using MySQL For Schema-less Data

Bret Taylor, one of the founders of FriendFeed, explains how they use MySQL to store schema-less data. It is an insightful post not only because he explains why they chose MySQL, but also the limitations of their schema-less design over an RDBMS. And more importantly it illustrates The importance of modeling your data, even if it is to realize that it has flexible schemas, without thinking of what tools you will use.

Entrepreneurship In Schools

Sramana Mitra, as part of her series of entrepreneurship in India, asks if entrepreneurship should be taught to students. I firmly believe that school is the right place to inject the entrepreneurship bug. However, I believe it does not fit in the current marks-oriented curriculum in Indian schools. [Continue]

ICANN Reconsidering gTLDs

ICANN is revisiting its decision allow custom top level domains. It was heavily criticized by corporate and individuals alike about its possible misuse, leave aside confusion it can create. ICANN has now composed a second draft (pdf) and is inviting feedback. [Continue]

Ma.gnolia Gives Up

Finally, Ma.gnolia has given up, and lessons learnt. I had started using it about a couple of years back, so I did lose some links, but most of them have found a place in one of my blog posts. I have now moved to delicious, but like others, I have started to think of a way of protecting my data from such incidents. [Continue]



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