Facebook Opens Up, Joins OpenID

Looks like Facebook is pulling the walls down. Not only does it allow us to access our status, links and notes through its API, but it has joined the OpenID Foundation board.

Although it is an encouraging news, contradicting actions by Facebook have helped only create confusion about its intentions. Facebook Connect is not exactly an open system. Nor has Facebook ever taken pride in opening up its content to others. Though I am not an addicted Facebook user, I do feel the shift in strategy.

Somehow I get a feeling that Facebook is looking for more ways to get popular. Have the anticipated stagnancy in user growth? Are they preparing to compete with the likes of Twitter and Flickr? Opening up the API is a good way of building a bigger community of developers. However, Twitter has gained a lot by opening it up at the earliest. Not only does it have an active base of users and developers, but it has a mesh of applications and mashups around it.

Or is it a step toward to compete with the likes of Google and Yahoo!?

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  1. waqas said:

    I don’t particularly care if Facebook becomes yet another OpenID provider. It would be news if they become an OpenID consumer. Everyone, Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc, etc, act as OpenID providers, but it’s pointless if they are not consumers. I don’t want a dozen OpenIDs, one from each popular service. I want to have one OpenID, which I can use to login into my GMail, Yahoo and Facebook accounts.

  2. Facebook Will Accept OpenID | iface thoughts said:

    […] just got one of its biggest promoters – Facebook. Facebook had joined the OpenID Foundation Board a while back. But unlike other OpenID supporters, Facebook accepts an […]

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