Ma.gnolia Gives Up

Finally, Ma.gnolia has given up, and lessons learnt. I had started using it about a couple of years back, so I did lose some links, but most of them have found a place in one of my blog posts. I have now moved to delicious, but like others, I have started to think of a way of protecting my data from such incidents. I have to admit that I am currently biased towards the old way of doing everything from a central location, which I can regularly backup, and use the cloud only for sharing. But I hope that we can come up with a better solution.

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  1. Amit Upadhyay said:

    Hey Abhijit,

    One of things I am going to add very soon to http://www.amitu.com/gitology/ is a del.icio.us script. Long time back I had written a script to migrate from Furl to Delicious: http://www.amitu.com/blog/2005/april/furl-to-delicious.html, it will be based on similar lines, I want to do two way sync between delicious and gitology.

    I guess this should be the way forward, have sync like services for your flickr photos, delicious bookmarks, twitter posts on your blog as well as native websites, with two way sync.

    What do you say?

  2. Daily Digest for 2009-02-20 | Pedro Trindade said:

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