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Open Source Benefits Of MySQL

The Oracle-Sun deal seems to be the new weapon in the hands of advocates of proprietary software. It was recently used in a presentation at a friend’s company, to prove that even the open source software was prone to lock-ins. The logic was that, just like proprietary products, MySQL‘s future was in danger because of its company. [Continue]

XML Schemas Should Be More Context Specific

I relived an intense past discussion while reading Uche Ogbuji’s nice introduction to XML elements and attributes design. We had discussed exactly the same issue, with the exact same examples of date and name to justify our decisions. What we ended up with was a lot different than what any of us had devised, because our examples were comletely out of context. [Continue]

Fair Syndication Consortium Comes Up To Fight Sploggers

The big publishers are coming together to build the Fair Syndication Consortium to fight sploggers and online plagiarism (via Erick Schonfeld). While solutions in the past have tried to modify the content or syndication to fight sploggers, the consortium aims to eliminate the root cause. The consortium wants to negotiate with the ad networks to pay them for their content being reproduced elsewhere. [Continue]

Why Estimates Suck

Marcel provides some insights on estimating. It is sound advice, except that estimation is usually done at a time when nothing else in the project is decided, which actually is guesstimation. So when we do this estimation, we define many other dimensions, like the team’s composition, skill-set and process. [Continue]

Filtering The Idea

It is extremely important to filter an idea to do full justice to it. In the early excitement subsconsciouly we build a lot of cruft around it by adding design and implementation details. At the ideation stage this is nothing less than pollution. [Continue]

Wikipedia Relicensing

Wikipedia is taking votes to decide on relicensing its content. In fact this applies to all Wikimedia Foundation sites, which have been currently licensed under GFDL, which was primarily intended for software documentation. If approved the content will be dual-licensed under CC-BY-SA along with GFDL. [Continue]



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