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Pondering Over URL Shortening

The Web has been busy trying to find a way out of URL shortner services. Kellan Elliott-McCrea has worked out a solution which lets the publisher gain control over the shortening. I think using rev to indicate the shortened version might get confusing, but it is also true that it seems to offer the best balance in the current situation. [Continue]

Power Tools Are Terrible Clones

I have been saying this for Linux, but I guess it applies for all the power tools. Power tools are terrible clones, they serve you the best when you use them as themselves. I have heard innumerable complaints about tools being difficult because they are different. [Continue]

India To Enforce Local Servers

Recent amendments to the Indian IT act now require web mail providers to have their servers physically located in India. As I understand, this is to make sure that information required by investigating agencies will be within the jurisdiction and easily retrievable. There is also some talk of enforcing the .in domain as well. [Continue]

Extending Bash Auto-Completion

One of the ways of making command line more usable is by providing auto-completion. It is a non-intrusive way of freeing the user from the burden of remembering options. Bash provides something called programmable completion which can be extended for your own applications. [Continue]

The Unique Feature Of My Linux Box

What unique thing does my Linux box do that makes other OS jealous? The biggest feature that my Linux box offers is choice, and that helps me grab many more. This choice is not limited to desktop applications like editors or browsers or media players or email clients, it also works for desktop environments, window managers, sound daemons, firewalls, right down to a specific kernel version, even my own. [Continue]



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