Already Seeing Worst Of Double Standards

We have already started to see the worst of living with more than one standard to do the exact same thing. Excel 2007 SP2’s ODF support has degraded, because it is no longer interoperable. Microsoft, a company, which values backward compatibility over anything else, does not worry about interoperability when implementing ODF support. Like the article says, Microsoft seems to be completely missing out the reason why the standards exist – interoperability.

Commitment to an open standard is not only about confirming to it but also helping it evolve to achieve its goal. But Microsoft might not be as much interested, since they already have their open standard! It is time for the ODF community to provide plugins which will work for interoperability and users instead of just paper conformance. And it is time to use this to ensure that we improve ODF. Rob Weir has done an excellent job of checking on the open standard support, but it will be a big effort to keep doing this. We will need to do this continuously to make sure that the multiple standards keep working with each other. Or live with double standards.

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  1. Open Office said:

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