Facebook Will Accept OpenID

OpenID just got one of its biggest promoters – Facebook. Facebook had joined the OpenID Foundation Board a while back. But unlike other OpenID supporters, Facebook accepts an OpenID to let its member use the site, by becoming a OpenID relying party.

There are some interesting things to note from Luke Shepard’s interview.

Inside Facebook: Luke, why is Facebook integrating OpenID support?

Luke Shepard: The primary motivation for us is to accept OpenID for new users registering for Facebook. For now, that means through Gmail, though more providers will be coming soon. Google released their address book API a few months ago through OpenID, and we’re using that. The response has been pretty positive so far in our user testing.

Google’s OpenID adoption seems to have influenced Facebook take the OpenID decision. It is also interesting to note that Facebook is using background automatic logins to improve the user experience.

This is a huge boost for OpenID, and it is a chance for the users to control their identity. I will now be able to use my blog URL as my identity in Facebook, and also run my own identity server if I wanted to.

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  1. Aneslin said:

    Thanks a lot. got more info from ur last para. thanks for the links. finally I made my own openID.

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