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Andy Clarke has a new solution for dealing with IE6 incompatibilities – Universal IE 6 CSS. The idea is to serve simple design with great typography for IE 6, without layout. The Web developer community is trying various approaches to get rid of IE6. Andy focuses on serving readable content to an IE6 user instead of spending effort on trying to get everything to work in IE6 or completely blocking them away. I think its a great solution for public content sites, something that will save a lot of effort and still serve the IE6 user. I think Andy’s approach will face a lot of resistance in the corporate world, where IE6 is more prevalent and cannot be treated as a second-class citizen. But this might turn out to be the most efficient solution for public content sites.

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  1. Darren Taylor said:

    “I think Andy’s approach will face a lot of resistance in the corporate world” – I agree which I personally take exception to the tagging of this stylesheet as “universal”. Surely it makes more sense to just put less effort into css for IE6 users rather than giving them an unstyled website?

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