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Probems Or Symptoms?

It has often happened with me that what I considered was a problem was only a symptom of the real one. For the user, the symptom is usually the problem itself. That is why it is all the more important for a problem solver to sift through the symptoms and arrive at the underlying problem. [Continue]

Psychology in Design

Jeremy Keith has great inputs on designing with psychology in mind. Though he talks primarily about Web designers, it holds true for most of the software application designers as well, or anyone who gets a chance to create an environment. A lot of times designers limit their exercises to observing and studying their users and design accordingly. [Continue]

Web2.0 Is Now English

The one millionth word in English dictionary is Web2.0, defined as “the next generation of web products and services, coming soon to a browser near you”. The unfortunate part is soon that next generation is soon going to move on to something else, and continue further. The phrase Web 2.0 itself has been confusing. [Continue]

uzbl – The Stripped Down Browser

I am trying out the uzbl browser for last couple of days. It follows the unix philosophy to strip down a browser of everything else other than visiting the web sites. Everything else, even the management of cookies, bookmarks, history and downloads is outsourced to external scripts. [Continue]



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