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As a fresh software engineer, I had always wished if we could do away with software licensing altogether. It was one way for me, as a software programmer, to avoid knowing and understanding the legal binding. The programming language is a lot better than the legal one any given day! However, for practical reasons, the way to compete with proprietary software is to share the same space with them by having open source licenses. Carlo Daffara brings out benefits of GPL, which has helped companies realize the real benefits of the open source philosophy through its restrictive licensing. There is nothing better that a software license can do. Having said that, it will be interesting to get answers from users of more permissive licenses like MIT or BSD.

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  1. Shlomi Fish said:


    You can find a sneak preview of an essay I’ve started writing called “FOSS Licences Wars”. It’s available in several formats and
    the directory contains an HTML version, but please don’t print it. Also, please try not to publicise it too much, because it’s still somewhat not polished.

    In this article, I advocate against using the various versions of the GPL and the LGPL. I’m not arguing against strong and weak copyleft licences in general, just saying one should use the SleepyCat Berkeley DB Licence instead of the GPL, and the Artistic 2.0 Licence (or a similar weak copyleft licence) instead of the LGPL. Despite all that, I still somewhat pitch my position as someone who is fond of using permissive free software licences for his original software.

  2. Shlomi Fish said:

    Replying to myself, I should note that the “FOSS Licences Wars” article is now live and has been published and publicised, so feel free to publicise it further.

    Stay cool.

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