India Can Save Lot More Than $2 BN Through Open Source

I am glad that the mainstream media says Open source software can save India $2 bn. The figure is not surprising! In fact it is an insufficient representation of benefits of using open source, especially the intangible ones that control the success of software adoption.

Through transparency and an active community, open source drops the costs of availability, custom development and collaboration with the vendor, along with the licensing costs. This makes it easier and cheaper to experiment with and gives an opportunity to tailor it to the company’s needs.

The biggest mistake that people do with open source is that they drop their guards against the risks of software world. Open source software still carries those. But it gives you full control of the software and the best chance to mitigate those risks.

As Michael Tiemann says, the $2 bn number is accurate but low. There is a lot more potential. India, as a developing country and market, needs open source for growth through innovative solutions.

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