Cursor Shape In XFCE Terminal

I prefer ibeam cursors to the block ones, I find them less obtrusive. However, I could not find an option to modify the cursor shape in the XFCE terminal preferences; until I looked under the hood. In ~/.config/Terminal/terminalrc the value of MiscCursorShape is set to TERMINAL_CURSOR_SHAPE_BLOCK by default. Change it to TERMINAL_CURSOR_SHAPE_IBEAM for an ibeam cursor or to TERMINAL_CURSOR_SHAPE_UNDERLINE if you want an underline.

I wish all application developers kept an underlying readable text file for configuration. In addition to being light-weight and portable, they are transparent and offer an efficient way of configuration, without having to even start the application.

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  1. BeteNoire said:

    Nice tip. Thx.

  2. odie said:

    Thanks a lot! I didnĀ“t know about this rc file.

  3. Eduardo said:

    Thank you, was thinking to switch to gnome-terminal just for the cursor, altough they almost use the same amount of memory.

  4. johny said:

    If you set ColorCursor to an empty value in terminalrc,


    you will get a block cursor that inverts the color of the character underneath, so it is always visible (like in gnome-terminal).

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