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C++Next Will Help

C++Next is a new site focusing on C++ language. Nowadays a programming language need something more than its own features – a community that can illustrate its benefits through applications and writings as it evolves. And if there is any language that needs it the most, it is C++. [Continue]

Being Only Better Is Not Enough

Though we see users yearning for better products every other day, being only better is not enough for a product to be popular. Being better brings in change, and usually the resistance to the change beats down the enthusiasm for betterment. Then there is also the first-mover advantage, by virtue of which your competitors, though not as good as you, get a bigger market share and user community that is already active and familiar with the product. [Continue]

Open Android Alliance To Further Android’s Cause

Though Android is an open source platform, Google adds its proprietary applications when it is rolled out. This is where some of the open source contributors who wanted to provide modified distributions are facing hurdles. So a new alliance has been put together – Open Android Alliance – with an aim to replace all the proprietary applications with open source equivalents. [Continue]



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