New Tools I Picked Up In 2009

I have picked up some interesting new tools last year. Some of them have changed the way I work.

  • xmonad: A wonderful tiling window manager that has found a place in all my monitors, with different resolutions
  • dmenu: IMHO the best launcher out there
  • centerim: Console or not, this is the best and least intrusive way of chatting
  • GNU Screen: An immensely useful terminal multiplexer
  • git: A version control system that lets you code first and worry about version control later
  • Chromium: It just sped past all the existing browsers.

Some others are sitting in my experimentation lab:

  • uzbl: A Webkit based browser, which has changed my perception of a Web browser
  • zsh: A powerful shell, though I am still finding out what I stand to lose if I move away from bash.

Which ones have you picked up?

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  1. Rohit Arondekar said:

    I’ve only used GIT and Chromium out of the whole list. Very nice — can’t wait to try them out. 🙂

    Happy new year 🙂

  2. Florian said:

    Mercurial, screen (years ago), occasionally fish, definitely chromium.

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