Inherently, Design Is A Combination Of Art And Engineering

I witnessed yet another debate whether Web development was art, or engineering, or both. I personally believe that it is a combination of both, which requires close collaboration between corresponding experts. To think of it, this is true about every design. Different individuals might choose different starting points, but in the end it has to reach a balance.

Many argue that Web design is no different than other art streams, like painting. I think art plays a big role in Web design, but they are not the same. An exercise of design indicates intention of use, which is addressed better through engineering.

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  1. Rune Juhl-Petersen said:

    I agree. I will even top it and claim that you can have design without art but you can’t have design without enginering.

  2. Kevin Rodrigues said:

    Well said in the end, that design indicates intention of use. That is what differentiates it from art. Though we may consider art as a medium to design. Design like art is a creation of ideas which develop in the mind. Design like art involves use of various tools and techniques to express our views about a particular concept.

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