Ubuntu Defaults To Google Docs For Netbooks

Ubuntu Netbook Edition has dropped OpenOffice in favour of Google Docs. One of my friends asked me if this was because a netbook’s resources were not enough for Ubuntu and OpenOffice.

I doubt. We were able to get 55MB of RAM usage with plain Openbox and some XFCE accessories on a stock Ubuntu installation (so that the machine could still use the local repository). Even with Abiword or Gnumeric it did not exceed 90MB, and that worked quite swiftly on a machine with 256 MB RAM and old enough to be low-powered than today’s netbooks. All this with font anti-aliasing and pretty window decorations.

So I think that this decision is either because of the trend of choosing browsered applications over desktop applications, or because netbook users do not see office suites as necessary.

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  1. Bookworm Jahz said:

    I like OO.o, i dont use google-docs. I think its better to use offline aplications, because there isnt normal wi-fi in some countries (for example in my town wi-max is only developing).

  2. PID Controller said:

    i would always prefer to use netbooks when i am on the move because they are so very convenient to carry around ‘”,

  3. Lisette Weinhold said:

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