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iAccelerator, Incubator For India, Now Accepting Applications

I believe that incubators are necessary for an active entrepreneurship ecosystem, and India sure needs more of them. So I am more than glad to write here about iAccelerator – an incubator of internet and mobile startups in India, backed by IIM-A. iAccelerator is an incubator of internet & mobile startups in India. [Continue]

Help Yourself With xdg-open

I am a keyboard junkie, and I encourage others to use it more than the average use and experience the change, whether it is in the console or one of the modern keyboard-driven launchers. One of the complaints I keep hearing is that with the command line, people have to type in name of the executable to open a document. Whereas in the GUI world, you just double-click on a document, or on the application icon. [Continue]

Software Patents And Open Source

Patents are once again in the focus, courtesy Apple’s suit on HTC. There is a lot of talk about right and wrong, and this time even the Apple fans seem to dislike Apple’s step. I think John Gruber has it right when he says that ,this is not about patents, but about poaching the idea – the grand revolution of the mobile phone. [Continue]

A Xubuntu User Again

Till now I was a loyal Arch Linux user. And before that I was an avid Kubuntu, another one from Ubuntu family, user. It might seem as if I am back to square one, but in fact I have learned a lot about the organization of a Linux distribution, and interaction between various components. [Continue]



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