A Xubuntu User Again

Till now I was a loyal Arch Linux user. And before that I was an avid Kubuntu, another one from Ubuntu family, user. It might seem as if I am back to square one, but in fact I have learned a lot about the organization of a Linux distribution, and interaction between various components.

The motive behind moving to Arch Linux from Ubuntu was to explore under the hood operations. Arch Linux is more of a meta distribution using which you can build your own. There are options for each and every single component of your OS, and you get a chance to dive deep into it. While all this is possible in Ubuntu as well, Arch Linux makes this the way of using Linux. And it has immensely helped me understand and solve some problems even for other distributions.

My aim of moving back to Ubuntu is two-fold. One – I want to be in the same zone as those whom I recommend using Linux, which is usually Ubuntu. Arch Linux is not for those who want to just use, and not learn, Linux. Also, Ubuntu today is more than an OS, it is an infrastructure solution with the Server Edition, ease of working with utilities like apt-cacher and the cloud services. Two – I think that a combination of Ubuntu and the Arch Linux approach might be the right recipe for many.

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  1. Bookworm Jahz said:

    Xubuntu on the eeepc is very good: light, useful and really fast. After using XPI can say -Xubuntu is VERY good.

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