Another FUD Against Open Source

Countries which recommend open source software are to go under scanner for being anti-capitalist. Why? Because this recommendation creates a bias against the proprietary non-open source companies.

If we apply this logic, every recommendation will be against some competitor. If the Government recommends Microsoft platform, the Linux or Mac guys can raise a hell. Just like a proprietary company might do it now if a country proposes the Linux platform. Or if a country prefers Web applications then desktop companies might revolt. Right now this is well marinated with a paste of anti-capitalism or anti-IP or a similar flavour. But we know that open source is an effective way to be most strict about IP. I am no economist, but I that open source is anti-monopolism, and not anti-capitalism, because that works the best for the user and his/her freedom.

To think of it, this is not surprising. FUD, and not merit, has been the most-used weapon against open source. And this is just another instance of it.

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  1. Shantanu Ray said:

    I agree with you Abhijit. The recommendation by the respective governments is in fact ironic because the DoD has decided to adopt open source and open technologies emphatically claiming:
    “OSS and Open source methodologies are important to National Security and National Interest of the U.S. for the following reasons:
    1. Enhances agility of IT industries to more rapidly adapt and change to user needed capabilities.
    2. Strengthens the industrial base by ‘not protecting’ industry from competition . Makes industry more likely to compete on ideas and execution versus product lock-in. …”

    Reference: http://www.acq.osd.mil/jctd/articles/OTDRoadmapFinal.pdf

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