Touch Screens, Not For Me

I have been using a variety of touch screen phones for considerable time now, including their God. It has been a big change. I understand that improvements always cause changes and I wanted to give more time before I could form an opinion on them. Now, after using them as my primary mobile phone, my conclusion is that they are not for me. The touch screen is really useful only while surfing, otherwise it does not make much difference, in fact, it hurts at times. And I hardly used them to surf as I am in front of a computer for majority time of the day.

Here are some of the problems I faced while using touch screen phones:

  • No buttons, no speed dials.
  • Virtual QWERTY keypads are almost unusable. They turn out to be less efficient than even the standard mobile keypads because of the mis-hits.
  • Locked touch screen phones are really difficult to use during a call, like activating speakers or initiate a conference call.
  • Though the touch screen phones are called computers, we hardly get any freedom with them. They are victims of either technical limitations, or competitive policies. The result is that they are nowhere close to what I want from a computer.
  • They are really difficult to use in crowded places, which is often a possibility in the city I live.

It is not that I am not open to new designs. I think that mobile design holds a lot of promise to make phones more usable and valuable to the user. However, the current generation of touch-screen design is more geared towards non-phone activities. As a result, most of them turn out to be good Web devices, but poor phones. I own a couple of really good computers, what I need is a very good phone.

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  1. Icreon Review said:

    I fully agree with your thoughts.Even i also used touch screen phone and it is not so good as compare to normal phones.

  2. Dhiraj Nadgouda said:

    all the evils mentioned..are more centered over capacitive touch or multi-touch screens. Typing and virtual keypads are really a mess over there. However, resistive-touch screens or single touch screen phones.. are quite comfortable. I own a HTC resistive touch screen phone ..and I don’t regret not having a actual keyboard. However in any case, none of the touchscreens will give u a full keyboard experience. I think tat’s y we are seeing phones with keyboard and touch screens these days.

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