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One of the features I love in XFCE is to use the desktop to hold minimized applications. I use shortcuts or dmenu to launch my applications, so the launchers on desktop are waste of a feature. This, along with the right-click menu and conky has helped me avoid the panels altogether. One observation, that is known but easily forgotten, is that now I have a lot more free RAM than I had with the panel plugins loaded. After using this for last couple of months or so, I find this configuration a lot cleaner and efficient than the one with panels.

Updated: On Alcides’ request, here is a screenshot with icons for minimized applications. But being clean, there really isn’t much to see 🙂


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  1. Alcides said:

    A screenshot would help us to get a better idea of how clean it is 😉

  2. My Thoughts On Using Mac OS X | iface thoughts said:

    […] I still use my 2003 Dell Inspiron 700m laptop as my primary machine. I prefer my straight forward panel-free desktop to the bling that many modern OSs bring. I prefer quicker ways of doing things than longer versions […]

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