Low Battery Warning Using conky

I prefer getting rid of the panel and using the desktop to show peripheral information. As you guessed, conky is the best tool to do that. However, one of the things I did miss was low battery warnings. But it turned out to be a lot simpler. Here is the conky config for battery:

        BATTERY: ${color}${battery BAT0}
        ${if_match ${battery_percent BAT0} <= 10}
        ${if_match "${acpiacadapter}" == "off-line"}
        ${exec zenity --warning --text "Low Battery"}

Put the above code in one line, I have broken it here for readability.

This uses one more lightweight but extremely useful application - zenity. Conky helps us detect low battery, but you can choose to use other things, like a bash script or another application, to prompt for warnings and handle it the way you want.

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