Indian Tablet Can Be A Good Vehicle For Open Source

I came across the announcement for tablet by India today. This faintly reminds me of the Rs. 500 laptop idea. I am glad that the idea is being pursued with an intention of improving education by providing access to high quality e-content.

Though some troubling facts have showed up, I am happy that it is based on an open source platform.

I hope that the Government does not tightly bind it to specific content. There are some amazing educational sites out there, like Khan Academy. Secondly, I think that our education system will have to undergo some change to completely incorporate this device in the everyday school life. And that will take some time.

I will be super happy if this introduces kids to the open source concept at a young age. India has so much going in terms of open source that this can be an opportune time to educate institutions about adopting open source on a wider scale.

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  1. Kulin Shah said:

    This is old news buddy.

    What remains to be seen is whether the government is going to bring it on production and will it be really sold at around USD 35 or Rs. 1250/- as announced.


    Kulin Shah

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