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More and more gadgets are being thrown at you in more and more forms. More possibilities and more options. More devices to do the same thing, whether its chat or email or photos or videos. More places where you can store the information. More availability, more ease of use, and a more organized life.

Unfortunately, as the number of gadgets increase, their disadvantages overshadow the advantages. More places to forget where you stored that address and the phone number, or that bookmark, or that document, or that podcast. More effort to keep data synchronized across all. More money to get some form of centralized storage or a server. More wishes for more features – only if we had a keyboard with the tablet, or only if the smart-phone had a bigger screen or only if the laptop was lighter. More difficult to keep everything together and more dis-organized life.

I don’t know if more gadgets mean less effort? But it sure means more knowledge required to manage them to be more productive.

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