Is Microsoft Getting Insecure About Office?

Microsoft has posted a video of testimonials criticizing OpenOffice. I do believe that some users can have problems with OpenOffice because they think that it is a drop-in replacement for Microsoft Office, the same problem that has plagued Linux since its appearance. I use OpenOffice, as a different office suite with its own feature sets, like excellent support for ODF and one-click PDF export. OpenOffice is not a copy of Microsoft Office, it has its own offering and solves a different problem, perhaps bigger than what Microsoft Office does. So thrashing OpenOffice to justify Microsoft Office highlights nothing else but insecurity on Microsoft’s part.

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  1. Anxiety Depression : said:

    Microsroft Office is still the best program when it comes to spreadsheet and word processing”;;

  2. Acne Health Remedy said:

    i use both open office and microsoft office and i would say that microsoft office is more responsive and user friendly `;`

  3. Byron said:

    I am glad I discovered your blog on aol. Thanks for the sensible critique. My wife and i were being just getting ready to do some research with this. I am thrilled to see this kind of great info getting shared freely out there.

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