Natural SEO

The current Web is organized enough to make your content discoverable. However, you have to follow its recommendations to get the best out of it. I am surprised so many developers and SEO experts forget this and try to do horrible things that try to trick readers to force the SEO.

SEO is more about understanding your readers than the tricks.

  • Make the content available and accessible for all readers of your content – humans and bots
  • Create relevant content
  • Use the language that your readers will understand
  • Make it easy for your readers to participate and share, and they will use them to promote your content if they like it
  • Use valid and semantic markup so that it helps applications like browsers to display your content better to your readers

This is natural SEO – conversing with your readers. Continue these practices, and you will not have to go off the way to trick anyone into believing that your Web site is good.

SEO cannot be a project, it cannot be ignorant of the design and content, and it cannot use a language just to include certain keywords and phrases. Paid links and spammed comments might give a short-term benefit, but they will work against the natural SEO and harm in the long run.

Good SEO will result out of mutually beneficial relationship between your Web site and readers. If your readers are unhappy about your Web site, there is a good chance that the SEO will suffer.

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