Minimalism Is About ROI

Minimalism is not accepted very well. It is often rejected as an approach to present a product that no one wants to use. Minimalism, if done for its own sake, will always find it difficult to get nods. But if minimalism is discussed in terms of ROI, it does get attention.

I keep telling people to think of investing in in software instead of spending on it. That is, own software that will give you returns so that you will be happy to keep using it and maintain it. One aspect of this is to minimize the bloat, as in, aspects that turn out to be less useful and more expensive, money-wise and effort-wise. Minimalism is the perfect approach for this.

ROI is always context sensitive, and so is minimalism. If we make minimalism an approach for creating a software solution with high ROI, it is more acceptable.

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  1. toko online said:

    business is to talk about ROI

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Very true toko. But if the software design/selection does not consider the ROI, they end up being only costs, not investments.

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