Why Do Companies Keep Measuring Only Time

I am surprised by how many companies spend extensive resources on ensuring that employees spend a certain amount of time in the office, and then some more on measuring it. However, they seem to ignore whether work is done or not. That comes up only during meetings. And then everything goes back to timesheets and only timesheets.

T-shirt showing 90 hours a week mottoI am not against timesheets. I use them, but more to measure efficiency. Whereas a lot of companies seem to use them to only keep a log of time, not to track whether the work is done. Naturally, tracking the project is completely skewed, people get credit or fired for wrong reasons, and it becomes extremely difficult to build trust in the team. All everyone tries to score on is the time spent, whether they like it or not.

Companies need to realize that work done is work done. Neither 8 nor 18 hours of everyday time is going to guarantee it.

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  1. Gauri Nargunde said:

    It is the most precise and direct thing that is put up. Actually, productive work should be measured. Overall nice thought.

  2. Jenny said:

    Thats the reason why companies who trust their employees and really have flexible working policies are so innovative and ahead of the game – think google,facebook,amazon etc , while large institutionalized bureaucratic corporations are lagging behind.

  3. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Gauri, true, time is the easiest measurable tangible metric. Maybe we can come up with demos of work done and that can be used to indicate progress.

    Jenny, it is not only the bureaucratic corporations who are into this. Even a lot of startups seem to focus only on the time. I guess, wherever there is lack of trust. The problem is that this further harms the trust that a team can build.

  4. AnujaK said:

    Indeed true.
    Unfortunately corporates are nourishing measurement of time instead of productivity and that is being called as ‘management’! Ultimately inviting mediocrity!!

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