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Using The export Shell Command

One of the most commonly used but not well understood by everyone is the export shell command. The way most of the users know about it is through installation instructions of many softwares which require environment variables to be set. The command export TERM=xterm means that the environment variable TERM is available to any other program, or more suitably, any process that is started from that shell after the variable is set. [Continue]

National Science Day 2011

Today, 28th Feb is celebrated as the National Science Day in India. Unlike other days which celebrate either political, historical or religious events, this one marks the discovery of Raman Effect, by C.V.Raman. Unfortunately, today’s education system has best highlighted science as a subject where one can score good marks in exams. [Continue]

WordPress Parent Categories And Using the_category

I am frequently asked by some WordPress users if they should categorize both in the parent and the child categories. Lot of people do it so that the parent category gets listed in the the_category() call for that post. In my opinion, there is no point in categorizing in the parent category if it is aimed for the child category. [Continue]


WHATWG has a great comic timing. While W3C is bolder with 5, WHATWG is throwing it out (courtesy Waqas). While there are all kinds of accusations flying around, I think WHATWG is doing what is right for developing the specification and W3C is doing what is what is right for publishing the standard. [Continue]



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