The New Indian Rupee Symbol Fonts and Usage

The new Indian Rupee SymbolThe Indian Rupee symbol is out and approved. It has been accepted by the Unicode Technical Committee with the code position U+20B9, and ₹ in HTML. Though rarely used, even the generic Rupee symbol can be presented by U+20A8. It was just easier to type the characters Rs. With the new symbol, you will have to use specific fonts and follow ways of entering Unicode characters in your documents.

You can use open source fonts like:

Or one of the following:

Once you have these fonts installed, you can use specific keyboard layouts or xmodmap key combinations to enter the unicode characters. I have tried the following on Linux:

  • <Ctrl><Shift>u20b9 in editors like Mousepad, gedit, Leafpad, email clients like Claws-Mail and even LibreOffice and OpenOffice
  • <Ctrl>Vu20b9 in gvim

You can also do it easily on the Microsoft platform like Microsoft Office.

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  1. Maxim said:

    Nice… Its good that this symbol can now be printed on a page with the html code.


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