Really Get Off IE6 Now

Time is really up for IE6. Even Microsoft has dedicated an entire site to get rid of IE6. We have been warning IE6 users to upgrade for quite some time now.

Microsoft has scored well in developers’ books through this, but they ask users to upgrade to IE9, which does not work on Windows XP or earlier versions. IMHO, IE6 is prevalent only on these older versions, not on the newer ones. So it reads as “upgrade your browser by upgrading your OS to the newer versions of Windows”. And the layman will read it as “go back to IE6 if you cannot purchase the newer Windows versions.” So the advice on the site does not help much.

If you want to upgrade just your browser, without further investment in the OS, use one of these popular ones – Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari.

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  1. Maxim Dsouza said:

    Please please get rid of IE6… Its a developers nightmare… from transparency issues to png rendering…. the width of div’s to css2 features… we need to evolve…

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