Posts for April, 2011

Delicious Now With YouTube Founders

Delicious is now with the YouTube co-founders. I have been a stop-and-go user of delicious. Not because it is not good, but there are just so many ways to bookmark and share with this blog, other microblogs and social applications that at times using delicious became pointless. [Continue]

On 64 Bit Arch Now

I recently upgraded from 32 bit to 64 bit Arch Linux as I want to get into some 64 bit nitty-gritties. And I did it within a running system, that is, without re-installing the OS. While it sounds adventurous, Arch Linux’s migration guide made it without any surprises. [Continue]

Performing Algorithms

Check out AlgoRythmics’ Channel for innovative illustrations of different sorting algorithms. This way it is easier to highlight algorithms with better performance. For example, the bubble-sort dance effectively highlights why it can be slow.



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