OpenOffice, LibreOffice And Open Standards

Ian Skerrett defends OpenOffice incubating under Apache (via Sam Ruby). Just as The Document Foundation had the freedom to start Libreoffice by forking OpenOffice, because they found it difficult to work with Oracle, Oracle had the freedom to donate the OpenOffice code to Apache instead of The Document Foundation. Open source gives this freedom to them.

A lot of people feel that Oracle is following “Divide and Rule” by playing Apache’s community against that of LibreOffice. Will this cause problems? I don’t think so.

But it is great fodder for FUD about incompatibilities between the two office suites and thin down their usabilities. To nip this in the bud, there has to be agreement on implementation of open standards. We need competition, just the way we witnessed it between the open source Web browsers, but we need agreement as well. Till this is established, some FUD might spread, or it might take more effort to encourage people to move away from proprietary office suites. On the other hand, this might actually make the office suite domain more mature.

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