Certifications Are Like Shoes

MCSE or RHCE? A good question for individuals who want to decide which stream to flow in. From a certification perspective they are two different streams that never mix. But in the real world I find certifications more restrictive than educative. They make it difficult to gain understanding other platforms and enrich your knowledge and experience. And nowhere do they indicate if you are a good professional or not.

I personally think that certifications are like shoes. They make you look good in the interview, but after they are the last thing to matter. I was a MCSD when I started working, but I soon realized that after all the effort I had earned only a marketing term, some jazzy abbreviation that can glorify my resume, but only for a small time. The certification nowhere aimed at improving me as a programmer. Instead, contributing to open source projects taught me a lot more, a lot quicker as a programmer.

My suggestion is to get some certification, enough to get an interview. But then leave it behind, and use something else like case studies or fictional problems to show your knowledge. And never deny yourself an experience on some other platform just because you are certified on some other.

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