Toyota Gets Serious About Linux In Car

Toyota has joined the Linux Foundation as a Gold member to get the most out of Linux for its cars.

“Linux gives us the flexibility and technology maturity we require to evolve our In-Vehicle-Infotainment and communications systems to address the expectations of our customers,” said Kenichi Murata, Project General Manager, Electronics Development Div. 1, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION. “The Linux Foundation provides us with a neutral forum in which we can collaborate with the world’s leading technology companies on open innovation that accelerates that evolution.”

Linux is the most popular OS on appliances, so it will not be very new to use it for IVI. As Steve J. Vaughan Nichols says, GENIVI is already working towards Linux for IVI. What will be killer and would boost the Linux market is this system works with various Linux consumer devices like computers and mobiles.

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