Locking Down For Security, And Loss Of Freedom

The concept of UEFI secure booting seems great from a security perspective. But I can’t help but wonder that these things are going to make it more and more difficult to customize them to our likes. It is not only about running Linux on Windows machines, it is about decoupling the hardware and software so that once you buy any hardware you can install any software that can run on it. These mechanisms are shortening the list of compatible softwares down to the one that came with the hardware. This can the ultimate vendor lock-in.

To think of it, we seem to be liking the walled gardens. Whether it is the gatekeepers for app stores or silos in form of social networks, we seem to be encouraging it more and more. Of course every walled garden has a positive security perspective, but IMHO it has more severe negative implications on freedom of choice.

I have a belief that one of the reason why computers have evolved so quickly is because they are easy to experiment with. And that makes them excellent instruments to learn, disrupt and innovate. Maybe I am reading a bit too much here to think that these mechanisms might kill this aspect of computers altogether.

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